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EMRO Facilities - Welcome to EMRO! (Ahlan wa sahlan!)

On the grounds around the villa are the beginnings of a "jungle" garden (thanks to donations from our kind volunteers like Aida Marina of LA, CA). There is also a modified "boab's" room (i.e. normally a small shelter for a security guard), with a wire cage run extension, which is used as a pre-release area for any ferals we have. It also acts as a multipurpose room as required, including isolation. Further isolation quarters are hoped to be built in the back of the modest yard in 2008.

On the main floor (125 SM) are the HQ office, Vet Clinic, two rooms of adoptable cats, kitchen, bathroom, storage, modest isolation area in the hallway and a room for the resident animal workers. On the second floor are boarding and overflow isolation, especially for younger cats and unaltered animals. There are a shared kitchen, two bathrooms (one used often for storage and cleaning for the boarding area), and the EMRO Suite takes up half of the floor.

Above, on floors 3-5 is a private residence with future rooftop garden on the 5th floor.

EMRO is currently staffed by a general manager (Mr. Maged Abdel Razik), two veterinarians (Dr. Nancy and Dr. Engy, see more under Vet Clinic), a part-time office assistant and assistant vet (Dr. Doaa') and at least two residential animal workers who also help out in the vet clinic (currently Mr. Yassir and Mr. Redah). We have a perioidic accountant (Mr. Sherif) and lawyer (Mr. Ashraf).

Local volunteers include photographers (Ms. Eppie Litmer and Mr. Ahmed Shokr) and other periodic helpers (including some like Ms. Dina who worked on the holistic health of the cats, and Ms. Pam, who did some cat massage but moved back recently to the USA). Virtual helpers are Ms. Aida Marina who is our sponsorships manager, and Ms. Heather Lewis, adoption assistant, and both live presently in California, USA. The founders, Ms. Gloria Lauris and Dr. Ismail Elkholy, live in Saudi Arabia and in Canada and come periodically to Cairo to monitor issues related to the cats and EMRO in general. Ms. Lauris also handles general inquiries and approves adoptions.

EMRO Bldg1EMRO sign EMRO entrance3

front door EMRO Maged1 Mohamed & Hany1

Gloria & Mau Yassir&catHany2&cat

Top: EMRO building, where EMRO spreads between ground (HQ, Vet Clinic, cats for adoption) and second floor (boarding, EMRO suite); EMRO sign on gate; Garden in front of EMRO and parking area.
Middle: Front door to EMRO HQ and vet clinic; Maged at EMRO HQ; Animal workers Mohamed and Hany take a break on the EMRO bike.
Bottom: Gloria Lauris (founder) socializes with some of the cats in the adoption room; Animal worker Yassir examines a Mau cat being considered for adoption; Animal worker Hany relaxing with some of the cats.



EMRO Headquarters
Villa 11, Block 4, Ground Floor, Togarayeen City
El Mokattam, Cairo, EGYPT

Telephone Landline: (Outside of Cairo) +2 022 507 6946, (Inside of Cairo) 2 507 6946
Mobile: +2 0114 748 1481

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