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Recent News


Recent News - (As of January 25, 2016)

Article in "Expertise, July 24, 2015" by Ms. Lora Morris "Home Safety Guide for Pet Owners". This article can be viewed at the link below. Grateful Thanks from EMRO to Ms. Thea Datar.

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Article in "Oasis Magazine, August 22, 2012" by Ms. Gail Taylor regarding "Animals and Animal Welfare in Egypt". This article can be viewed at this PDF, Your Cat Magazine-UK, August 2012 and also on the link below. Grateful Thanks from EMRO to Ms. Taylor.

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"Cairo Cats Cattery" breedery in Texas, is Closing!

Cairo Cats Cattery has one of the world's largest collection of native Egyptian Maus (outside of Egypt), and they imported their foundation stock from EMRO several years ago. CCC is closing due to health reasons of the owner. Anyone, especially in the USA (or Canada) who may be interested in a pet-quality native Mau kitten or cat, is asked to contact owner Carol Anne Green ASAP at her breedery, by appointment, in person in Granbury Texas (if residing near the Ft Worth/Dallas area), or view her website at for some photos of recent cats and contact details. She has several kittens available (bronze, smoke, silver, and black), as well as retired breeders and strays.  Some recent photos of her cats are below. Interested individuals can also contact for more information.


- Silver marbled kitty.
- Bronze Mau.
- "Marbles", young bronze Mau kitten.
- "Niblet", bronze Mau.


- "Sheba", female silver Mau.
- One bronze Mau kitten and two silver Mau kittens.
- Two silver Mau kittens, close-up picture.
- Various Mau kittens.


-"Remi", male bronze Mau.
- "Willie", male silver Mau.
- Black kitty with green eyes.
- Smoke Mau (markings can be see on fur), with unusually light eyes, almost very light green or silver colored.


- Gray and bronze Persian kitty.
- Carol feeding afternoon dinner to her charges.


CCC set 1 100315
CCC set2 100315
CCC set3 100315
CCC set4 100315


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EMRO has been listed for free in Yellow Pages Egypt (both phone book & website) with a set of beautiful advertisements that will hopefully increase our popularity by leaps and bounds. You can see two of the attractive designs below. If you place your mouse on the image below without clicking on it, you can view the second layout in red. Of course, Yellow Pages Egypt have also been added to our Sponsors & Supporters page.

EMRO YP Sand pic

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