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NOTE: NESMA disbanded as of October 30, 2011.

July 17, 2010 - NESMA welcomes its newest member - Maati in Houston, Texas which is run by Ms. T'Pell Wilson who is looking forward to breeding and saving this very endangered feline species.

EMRO is pleased to work with, and recommend, a handful of fledgling Native Egyptian Mau breederies around the world. These groups have decided to create new (old) bloodlines of Maus directly from the source using only Native Egyptian Maus, Arabian Maus or Shirazi Maus. These breederies are creating an association called The Native Egyptian and Shirazi Mau Association (NESMA). All are registered breeders with an on-line presence and are affiliated with at least one official cat association/organization. EMRO Founder Gloria Lauris personally visits each of these catteries at some point to ensure quality control, treatment of cats and kittens, and their subsequent re-homing while maintaining communication with them. EMRO receives no royalties for these activities.

Although the Arabian Mau is now recognized by the World Cat Federation (WCF) in the Middle East, such as by the Middle East Cat Society, there is much work yet to be done in creating new breed standards for Native Egyptian Maus (i.e., Maus found in Egypt and locations throughout the Middle East), and for Shirazi Maus (i.e., long-haired Maus, found endemic on the streets of Cairo through generations of interbreeding of Native Maus with Shirazis, or ancient Persian cats).

NESMA will offer Maus in the colours typically found locally at the source: bronze, red (or pewter) and black, plus the rare and atypical silver and smoke Maus. Additionally, rare blue Maus may be added in time.

NESMA hopes to network and provide mentorship and cooperation between each of these organizations and with any other future Native Mau breeder who wishes to join ranks. It is EMRO's hope that Native Mau cats may be recognized and attained through breeders throughout the world to help keep these ancient and intelligent cats from becoming extinct.

Pet-quality Maus remain available through EMRO to any person, locally or worldwide, interested in helping save a Mau through our basic screening application, as well as who are able to pay the necessary expenses in order to get the Mau to their new home (i.e., EMRO continues to operate on a cost-recovery basis as a non-profit organization).  However, EMRO may also recommend to any potential adopter to consider the closest Native Egyptian Mau breeder in their area, since any cats from these litters will be born through ancient bloodlines and the foundation parents originated through EMRO from either Egypt, Saudi Arabia or other locations in the Middle East where Native Maus will normally be found.

For any other individuals or other cat breeders who wish to become a Native Egyptian Mau breeder, please contact for more details to receive an application form. "Backyard breeding" (i.e., casual breeding) is NOT encouraged. Breeders must be prepared to be responsible for cats and subsequent kittens, prepared to be transparent in their dealings, have a strong dedication to preserving this breed, and are not in it "for the money". They must be prepared to register their breedery, become affiliated with an official cat association, create an on-line presence, cooperate/collaborate with other Native Mau breeders through NESMA, and be willing to be visited by an EMRO official. Mau cats are strong individuals and breeding them is not typically for novices. We recommend familiarity with these cats (e.g., through having a pet Mau) before considering becoming a Mau breeder to ensure compatibility with one's interests and current lifestyle. Native Mau breeder membership in NESMA is currently through EMRO approval and recommendation.

There are currently seven Native Egyptian Mau catteries worldwide, in USA (1), Canada (3), Europe (2) and Australia (1). For more information and specific locations of these breeders or to contact them, please see the new NESMA website at:

(Updated October 30, 2011)




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