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Additional Educational Resources

To learn more about the Egyptian Mau cat, try one of these links to Organizations and Egyptian Mau breeders:

Cat Fanciers Organization

Egyptian Mau Breeders and Fanciers Club

The Egyptian Mau Club (UK)

Global Egyptian Mau Society

A.I.M.E. - Association Internationale due Mau Egyptien

(Please let us know of other links we should add to this page!)

Presentations on Egyptian Maus

TICA Seminar/Slideshow on Egyptian Maus (August 2004) courtesy

Microsoft PowerPoint format (90 pages / 23.5 MB)
Adobe PDF format (90 pages / 10.25 MB)

If you do not have Powerpoint, Microsoft has a free viewer you can download here.
If you do not have Adobe Reader for PDF files, the free download is here.


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