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Many Thanks to Those Who Help

EMRO would like to acknowledge the following groups and individuals who are offering their support, advice or ongoing donations of money and/or time:

Merjet logo2

Mera cat ani 101715Mera dog ani 101715

MERA - Natural cat and dog food from Germany. No industrial colors used, and the EMRO cats love it!
"Long live the cat" and "Long live the dog".

Yellow Pages Egypt

Our heartfelt thanks go out to everybody at Yellow Pages Egypt, who kindly allowed EMRO to place free ads in their 2009 phone book, thus helping EMRO to become better known in the region.


The Egyptian Mau International Association

The A.I.M.E. is an international Mau club group originating in France. They have lovely Maus which both club members and officers are very passionate about. The A.I.M.E. has a breedery called "Fondcombe" which was one of the first, and only, international organizations to import Maus directly from Egypt many years ago. EMRO is both proud and honored to be a part of this historic association with the A.I.M.E., and to have them aboard as a Sponsor as well.

Romney House

Purina Arabia Charity Initiative

Please click on the above and "Like" Purina Arabia. This initiative will help raise awareness for animal charities and groups in the Middle East, as well as provide food donations for EMRO.

Thank You!


Ms. Tamala Atkinson (Donor) - Australia
Ms. Gail Sasse, Mr. Joseph Sultan, and Mr. Jacques Sultan (Donors) - Washington, DC
Mr. Mr. Friederike Kuster (Donor) - Germany
Mr. Erik Swart (Donor) - New York - USA


Ms. Teresa Maria Caligaris (Donor) - Torino - Italy
Ms. Liane Scheler-Eckstein (Donor) - Regnitzlosau - Germany
Mr. Ingo Pagels (Donor) - Berlin - Germany
Ms. Julie T. Brinkworth (Donation for the EMRO Ferals) - South Wales - U.K.
Monsieur Bernard Boucher and Monsieur Patrick Villaamiel, A.I.M.E. (Donors / Continued Annual Sponsorship) - Limetz Villez - France.
Mr. Pieter Wing (Donor) - South Yorkshire - United Kingdom
Ms. Teresa Maria Caligaris (Donor) - Torino - Italy
Ms. Tamala Atkinson (Donor) - Australia
Ms. Stephanie Bowser (Monthly Donor) - Minnesota - USA
Mr. John McArthur (Donor) - Lanarkshire - United Kingdom
Ms. Marie Charter (Donor; Elvis medical expenses) - Paris - France
Ms. Frances Wise (Donor; "For Elvis!" medical expenses) - USA
Ms. Deonne Dawson (Donor; "In Memory of Beloved Marmar") - New Jersey - USA
Tiffany J. Gleason, PhD (Monthly Donor) - Cairo - Egypt


2010-2015 SUPPORTERS (archive)

2003-2009 SUPPORTERS (archive)


.... and heart-felt "Thank You!" to all our Mau monthly Sponsors and Donors!

Our thanks to all those potential pet escorts who volunteered but unfortunately we didn't have an adopted cat going their way...

Please consider making a donation of time and/or money and your name can be added here! Please see our donate, sponsor, and volunteer pages.

Thank you for your patience while we continuously update this page.


Updated May 9, 2017



EMRO Headquarters
Villa 11, Block 4, Ground Floor, Togarayeen City
El Mokattam, Cairo, EGYPT

Telephone Landline: (Outside of Cairo) +2 022 507 6946, (Inside of Cairo) 2 507 6946
Mobile: +2 0114 748 1481

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