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Your Kindness Helps Us Help the Cats

The Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization relys on donations from caring individuals to help provide the services and care these cats need to survive.

Unfortunately, as of December 9, 2016, the EMRO PayPal direct account was canceled by PayPal Compliance Department due to the country of Egypt (where the EMRO Shelter is located) is on their "blacklist". However, the Merjet Foundation has generously offered to help and support EMRO by setting up a specific PayPal account specifically for EMRO. Please use the buttons below to make a donation to the EMRO Shelter and kitties.

As always, any and all cash donations are gratefully accepted in person in Egypt at the EMRO Shelter, international donations via Western Union or MoneyGram, if you do not wish to donate via the buttons provided below. Please contact or for more details.

Click on the "Donate" button that is applicable to the currency you wish to send. You will be taken to a window where you may donate, via your PayPal account or with a credit card. The title will display "The Merjet Foundation-EMRO Donation", confirming that all donations made go directly to the EMRO Shelter and Kitties, courtesy of the Merjet Foundation.

SPECIAL NOTE: On the four choices provided below, you will also have two additional options when signing up - One-time (annual) donation or Recurring Monthly Sponsorship by chosen currency, or number of cats(s). Simply check the box for "Recurring" on the PayPal form. Visiting Cairo? You may make donations in person at the EMRO Shelter. Click HERE to view alternate ways to make donations.

Many cats have to wait some time until they get adopted. Sadly, there are also other cats at EMRO that are not adoptable. You can help these animals live a happy & healthy life by making a monthly sponsorship commitment for one or more cats at amounts shown below. If you have any inquiries regarding sponsorships, please email us at Once your sponsorship subscription is set up, we will contact you by email to find out the name of the cat(s) you wish to sponsor, and you will be provided with a brief outline of the history of each cat you have chosen to help.

To sponsor by number of cat(s), the donations are:

1 Cat US flag USD $15.00 Euro flag EURO €10.00
2 Cats US flag USD $30.00 Euro flag EURO €20.00
3 Cats US flag USD $45.00 Euro flag EURO €30.00

For monthly recurring subscription donations by chosen increments, please click Here.

Our most Grateful and Heartfelt Thanks to our Benefactor, The Merjet Foundation (, without whose generous assistance and support would not be possible for the EMRO Shelter to receive these much-needed donations. You may also wish to view various worthy causes the Merjet Foundation supports, and provide a small donation to those causes as well. Thank you.

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Updated December 24, 2016 



EMRO Headquarters
Villa 11, Block 4, Ground Floor, Togarayeen City
El Mokattam, Cairo, EGYPT

Telephone Landline: (Outside of Cairo) +2 022 507 6946, (Inside of Cairo) 2 507 6946
Mobile: +2 0114 748 1481

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