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Q: I am traveling with my pet, what do I do? Who do I contact? What are the requirements for each country? Help!

A: Since every traveler's needs is unique, EMRO has assembled information from their volunteers and adopters who have provided information regarding problems or solutions they have encountered while traveling with their pets. One excellent source of information is "" site , whose link can be found on EMRO's Home page, Adoptables page, and even the Off-site pages. Additionally, EMRO's "Articles, Brochures & Information" page has compiled many additional resources which may be of assistance with your pet travel plus other needs. If you still have questions regarding traveling with your pet (especially out of Egypt), please feel free to contact the EMRO shelter +20 (0)2-2507-6946 or +20 (0)15-0715-7525 to speak with our Administrator or one of our Vets.

Q: Help! I just found a newborn kitten! What do I feed it? What do I do? Who do I call? Do I put it back on the street for the mother cat to find?

A: While some people recommend that an orphaned kitten be put back on the street for the momma cat to find, this is both dangerous for the kitten and, many times, fatal. The mother cat might have gone looking for food and was run over, poisoned, or killed by people or other animals. There is no guarantee the mother cat will return. To help you, here are some helpful links with information about caring for young orphan kittens, what they need, what they eat, and how to care for them while in your care. These links from the "Feral Cat Coalition: Raising Orphan Kittens"Feral Cat Coalition: Help Raising Orphan Kittens, "Pet Orphaned Kitten Care"Pet MD - Orphaned Kitten Care, and "Susan Little DVM: Care of Orphan KittensSusan Little DVM - Care of Orphn Kittens" have excellent information and can guide you with helping a newborn kitten survive its first weeks of life.

Q: What is a Mau? What is a Shirazi Mau? What is an Arabian Mau? What are the differences?

A: To read Ms. Sabine Harding's article entitled "The Shirazi Cat", click on this icon "The Shirazi Cat" article by Sabine Harding. To read her article entitled "Purebred vs. Native Egyptian Mau", click on this icon "Pure Bred vs. Native Egyptian Mau" article by Mrs. Sabine Harding. Sabine Harding is an Egyptology student studying at the American University in Cairo, Egypt. If you are unable to access these two articles on this page, they are also available on our web page "Articles, Brochures & Information" located HERE.

For information and specifications on the Arabian Mau, click HERE to connect with the World Cat Federation's (WCF) page for information and specifications.

Q:What procedures, guidelines, restrictions, etc. must I be aware of in order to have my pet(s) fly out with me from Egypt?

A: There are certain rules and procedures that you must follow in order to take your pet with you when you travel out of Egypt. To view these guidelines, read our "Pet Travel Information" by clicking on this icon "The Shirazi Cat" article by Sabine Harding .

Q: Who are you and why are you helping Maus?

A: EMRO (The Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization) was founded by a Canadian and Canadian-Egyptian family (Ms. Lauris & Dr. Elkholy) in 2004, who had a Mau as a pet in Canada and discovered that it wasn't easy to obtain a Mau from its Egyptian homeland. Plus they realized that Maus were not appreciated or respected in Egypt, and currently they run feral in deplorable situations (see Who We Are and History). EMRO was established as a non-profit organization to try to help the welfare of these ancient Mau cats in Egypt, make them more accessible to those interested in this wonderful, naturally spotted cat, and to increase the education about their historic past. An adoption center is being created for tame Maus to be adopted locally in Egypt, as well as internationally. We also try to help feral Maus and provide education on these ancient cats.

Q: Can I adopt a Mau?

A: Yes! Currently we have several available, from kittens to adults, and often new cats come in regularly, check our website (see Adopt a Mau). Costs vary, but we operate on a cost-recovery basis (cost of vaccines to travel, spay or neuter costs, travel crates, veterinary costs and actual travel costs). Prices vary, but it is estimated the average cost is about USD 400.00 to 600.00 total cost per cat. Price could be less if a person travels with the cat rather than shipping it etc. Check with us for options. Also, we require a brief adoption form to be filled out before the cat is shipped anywhere.

Any additional monies collected go to help the rest of the Maus, who require food, veterinary care and ongoing maintenance. All costs are the costs locally to prepare a cat for travel or to sponsor one locally.

Q: Do you ship anywhere?

A: Yes, we can try to ship anywhere, although please check your local customs about receiving animals from out of country. For instance, in the United States, each State has vaccine requirements that may vary; and currently there is a shipping hold in process; in the United Kingdom and Europe there is a 3 months wait before the cat can enter (after preparation with rabies vaccine, lab work and microchip).

Q: Why doesn't EMRO accept Paypal, credit cards, etc? Why are monies accepted only by cash or through expensive Western Union?

A: Monies being submitted for cat adoptions, or any donations for direct, specific purposes to EMRO (not for general donations towards operating expenses, generic sponsorships, etc.), must be made either in person at the EMRO shelter (local), or must be submitted via Western Union (international) to EMRO in order to be received in time for adoption processing.

Please be advised that Egypt, at this time, does not accept direct Paypal payments.  Egypt is currently a cash-based society and, so far, cash and Western Union have been the best and secure methods EMRO has known to get funds safely and quickly to the source. 

Adoption monies from out-of-country adoptions must be received directly by EMRO HQ before any cat is able to travel, meaning either cash (local) or Western Union (international).  Unfortunately, at this time EMRO is unable to accept credit cards, Paypal, or debit cards for adoptions, since timing for the processing of adoptions is very crucial.  Monies are not to be sent via mail or cheque, as it will not reach EMRO due to the corruption in the current postal system.

If you require further information, please contact

Q: Can I sponsor a cat?

A: Yes, please! Many Mau cats are not adoptable (e.g., feral, too old, health problems etc.) and sponsorship helps to keep the cat fed and vet bills covered. We are asking $10 US a month for Sponsorship, and in exchange you will receive a virtual "passport" of the animal with photo and information particulars about it, as well as monthly or quarterly updates and photos of the cat. It makes a great gift idea as well for animal lovers! Your first name and country go on the website as the sponsor of that cat.

Q: Where does the Mau come from?

A: Most Maus will come from the streets of Cairo, Egypt. EMRO works with local animal shelters who often house Maus among all their adoptable cats, and some Maus are received through private homes of people who found abandoned or orphaned kittens and raised them.

Not all Maus will look like the typical Maus one finds in North America or Europe. Some will have a mix of white or a couple of bronze colours on them, making them look quite exotic. Those that look the most "typical" we state as Maus; those that have some other colours or white are Mau mixes. All must have spots on their backs or tummies to qualify as at least a Mau mix. All will still have the Mau temperament, that is, of intelligence, sociability (depending upon their previous experiences with people) and loyalty.

Q: Do these Maus come with a pedigree certificate?

A: No. These are rescued shelter and street native Maus, considered the forerunners of (or the foundation for) Egyptian Mau cats. Egyptian Maus are recognized worldwide as a specific breed, and Egyptian Mau breeders create a specific lineage from an existing gene pool of pedigreed Egyptian Maus. 

However, our main purpose is to save the existing native Maus, and rehome as many tame ones as possible as pets at the lowest possible price. All cats will be sent neutered or spayed. If you require a pedigreed Mau, please check with a breeder of Egyptian Maus in North America or Europe. If you are a recognized and reputable Egyptian Mau breeder looking for a foundation native Mau, to strengthen the Mau gene pool internationally, please ask to be put in touch with the EMRO Founder. We normally do not have, allow or make Maus available for breeding.

Q: Can I get a Silver Mau?

A: Pedigreed Egyptian Maus usually come in four recognized colors: silver, bronze, smoke, and black. However, native Maus typically are naturally occurring in bronze, red, black and blue. The red Mau, typically is not bred due to recessive genes, but makes a lovely pet and is very beautiful as well. Silver is not very common in Egypt (usually, it occurs when white and bronze cats mate); bronze is by far the most common and naturally occurring colour. Some smoke and black Maus ones are also occasionally available.

Q: How soon can I get a Mau?

A: Depending upon what you are looking for. Kittens are not always available, silvers are very rare. You would usually have to go on a waiting list for these. If you are interested in a Bronze Mau or a Mau mix, they are the most readily available. What also determines readiness is where you live and what your country requires for vaccines etc. for entry. Some Maus may be ready to ship within 10 days (vet check-over and health certificate showing vaccines), others may take a month or more.

Any other questions not answered here? Visit our Contact page for our phone numbers and email addresses, so that we can get answer(s) for you!


(Updated December 10, 2016)



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