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EMRO Headquarters

Directions to the EMRO Shelter:

EMRO is off of Road 9, the main street running through Mokattam not far from the Telephone Centrale building with antennae (not satellite dishes). If you are coming from the Autostrad, you will drive up Mokattam hill to the top where you bear Right at the large mosque, Down a double-lane road, with an island over one crossroads, to a circle where you turn Left into Road 9.  You will then see a Metro supermarket on the right.

The journey down Road 9 is about a couple of miles past banks, a petrol station, and then there is a large open area on your Right which is now fully developed. A cafe called "Toskanini's" is on the corner where one turns to the right towards EMRO. At this point, you will be able to view the Telephone Centrale building right behind it. Turn Right, then drive toward the Centrale building, turning to the Left after you reach the. The EMRO building is the third building on your left, painted red, and is opposite an open area. You may call our Administration Office for directions, if necessary, at 02 2507 6946.

Villa 11, Block 4, Ground Floor, El Togarayeen City
Al Mokattam, Cairo, EGYPT


Telephone Landline: (Outside of Cairo) +2 022 507 6946
(Inside of Cairo) 2 507 6946 (Shelter Office, Arabic / English)
Mobile: +2 0114 748 1481

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EMRO Bldg1

EMRO Entrance1

EMRO Entrance3


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The above address is our shelter/clinic address only. If you wish to obtain our mailing address, please contact us at,, or the to obtain mailing information and address.

Updated March 1, 2016


EMRO Headquarters
Villa 11, Block 4, Ground Floor, Togarayeen City
El Mokattam, Cairo, EGYPT

Telephone Landline: (Outside of Cairo) +2 022 507 6946, (Inside of Cairo) 2 507 6946
Mobile: +2 0114 748 1481

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