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content titles Testimonias#4

Success Stories We Have Received

Below are testimonials submitted by happy EMRO Adopters from around the world (continued from the Mewsletter #4).

A. EMRO Adoptions from Cairo


Testimony from Ms. Linda, Adopter of Nanu (formerly Solly):

My little Nanu is such a treasure!  She has the most wonderful temperament, fur that feels like velvet and loves to play fetch.  While I was riding Cruiser two nights ago I left the door ajar so she could explore the area near our apartment.  I returned to the house a few hours later and couldn't find her.  It was cold and dark giving me a little scare.  My neighbor popped her head out of her apartment and said that she was having a kitty play date.  It seems Nanu and Butterscotch, a barn kitty who's happier up at the houses, had been invited by Mackey to play indoors.  She came running home all excited, talking in that Mau language.  Her life at the shelter serves her well, she gets along with everyone, is sociable, well behaved and tolerant of everything. 

She met her veterinarian this week, enjoying the 40 minute drive by sleeping on the back seat.  She was so good I ran some errands and brought her to visit a friend.  Of course everyone loved her and understood why I wanted another Egyptian goddess in my home.  Two friends have adopted kittens since I lost Bastet, one has ruined a couch and the other bites & scratches.  I know I'm a good cat mommy but there is something to say for the nature of these little Mau's....they are love bugs. 

She's sleeping beside me now, twitching with kitty dreams and her belly is full of seared tuna we shared at dinner.  We couldn't be happier with each other. 

Thank you again for helping to unite us.  Hugs to you and your Mau!  Linda & Nanu :)

Further from Ms. Linda:

Thank you all for your extraordinary efforts to bring Nanu to me.  She arrived undaunted from her long journey and settled in immediately.  She has had visits from many aunties who all agree that she is very special indeed.

Just tonight she learned to play catch using her favorite toys, wadded up cardboard balls (forget the bizzy balls or felt mice).  She was retrieving them like a pro within an hour, dropping them right in front of me then anxiously waiting to see where I would throw the next one.  She is quite smart and is such a little love bug.  She sleeps under the covers and purrs us both to sleep. 

My working from home allows her a great deal of lap time and security as she settles in to 'her' home.   She enjoyed a few outdoor forays this week, before the rain set in.  Never venturing far from the porch she enjoyed playing in the garden, watching the birds and meeting a barn kitty who came to visit.  He let her share his food...did I say she has a ravenous appetite for such a petite little girl!  I swear she ate more crabmeat than I did two nights ago, carrying off shells to lick when I wasn't watching.  She also loves fresh fish and her canned 'meat' cat food.  Not finicky at all.

She already knew, or very quickly figured out, what 'cookies' are.  She runs to the kitchen when I call her, recognizing the little bags and knowing which cabinet they are kept in.  Her happy voice is quite amusing, a sort of chirpy song I've never heard before. 

All in all she is a joy, a very happy little soul who is trusting, loyal, and quite easy going.  I look forward to enjoying her forever.....Thank you again for sending her to me.  Hugs...


Further from Ms. Linda:

She is oh sooo cute!  I just found her over the kitchen cabinets among my collectibles, investigating the furthest reaches of her domain.  Her purr button was on high all night as she slept with me on and off, she was still on Cairo time.   Her flight arrived at 12:30am and we didn't leave the airport until after 1am.  What a great traveler, she was calm, quiet and well rested.  On the hour and a half ride home I let her out of her carrier and she found a place in the storage compartment of my CRV to sleep.  She did much better than her human companions who were quite tired. 

There will be photos soon, they're on my digital camera.  You'll have to send one of your kitty tome as well.  I've got to get back to work her, clients pick the most inopportune time to need assistance!  Thank you again!!  :)

Further from Ms. Linda:

Thank you for your kind words.  Nany is having a great time and not at all shy in her exuberance to say so!  The birds are eating on the railing and a barn kitty is on the porch looking through the glass doors at her.  He had hoped to make a transition to inside kitty, but seems happy that Nanu is here.  She found a fly that is honing her hunting skills and she is talking quite a bit in her excitement to capture him.... she is everything a kitty should be.  :)  (Photos soon)

Further from Ms. Linda:

Best of all Nanu is sharing the couch.  Earlier this evening she made her little chortles as she looked towards the parking area.  My neighbor Karen had come home.  She ran through her cat door to meet Karen at her front door.  Seems she has a crush on Karen's Maine Coon cat and wanted to visit with him.  After all it is Valentine's Day! 

She is an absolute luv bug and very sociable with everyone.  The EMRO volunteers undoubtedly do a great job instilling trust in them.  Well it's time to share some dinner with her...  Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!  :)


Nanu, enjoying her Forever Home

Cat Don't Trash

Video Testimonial by Ms. Yasmeen of Cleopatra (Misha):

Cleo Video

Cat 6 Sleep


Testimonial by Mr. Everett, Adopter of Marwan:

Marwan and I are so proud of our Egyptian Brothers and Sisters! All the best for a bright Future for all Gods children and creatures!

Ev and Marwan

Marwan at home and happy that Egypt is free!

Further from Mr. Everett:

  Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.   Marwan is doing great.   The diarrhea cleared up after the last dosage of antibiotics.   And, I am in a new house that was only occupied by Paloma, my 19-year old who I put down due to cancer.  So, there are not infectious residue here.

  We are doing great.   Marwan is not aggressive by nature.   He is very gentle and only gets worked up when he knows I am headed out the door.   But, sometimes he rides with me in the car, and actually has a good time.   Next step is lease training, though it may only temporary.   Marwan is pretty good about following me to the car.   My friends and customers think he is a hoot hanging out in the car.   

  I have a Delta friend who gave me a buddy pass, so I am probably coming for fun back to Egypt for my birthday in February.  For sure, I will come back for the month of September.   My Sept. plans will be two weeks in Greece and two weeks in Egypt, with a returning direct flight from Cairo.  So, that leaves me two chances to transport, for myself or someone else.

Thanks again for all of your help with and concerns for my little Marwan.   He is fantastic.

Faithfully yours,

Cat Purr

Testimonial from Ms. Dori, Adopter of Maher:

Maher is fully integrated with Ohme and Michou and in a way it seems like we've had him for much longer than two months! He has the sweetest disposition and is very, very affectionate. (He also loves to harass Michou, although they often sleep together)! Hope is all with you!


Left to Right: Maher and Michou; Naughty Maher attempting to open cabinets to get at the treats; Maher sleeping with one of his cat-mates; Maher in repose enjoying his Forever Home.
Maher and Michou Maher and treats Maher and Ohme Maher at home


Testimonial from Ms. Carol Zurlo, Adopter of Jac and Jill:

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I developed a cold and cough while there and am still recovering. the flight went well - they were on the plane next to me and slept most of the trip.
They are not picky eaters at all and they are eating the 3 different types of dry food we have fed them (wasn't sure what type was the best for them so bought different brands). We have some canned food too but are not sure if it is ok to feed it to them. Do you have
any suggestions on what would be best to feed them? We leave the dry food out so they can eat any time they want. Is this ok or is it better to put out food a few times a day?
I am taking them to the vet tomorrow afternoon for a check up and also because jac was vomiting yesterday (3 times, but then he did drink lots of water and ate since then) and they seem to both have loose stool sometimes but not diarrhea.
They are adjusting well and their latest favorite place to sleep is on a blanket on the sofa. They had no fear of the stairs and went up and down them right away. They also like to perch on the chairs under the dining room table, and love to play in cardboard boxes. We were nervous about putting up a christmas tree (plastic), and while they enjoyed exploring near it and being under it, they have not tried to climb it, so I think that will be ok. They are using a scratching post with a ball on it and seem to enjoy every cat toy we give them. They found the litter box pretty quickly, but once jill went into a dirt-filled planter (for a tall plant) we have - so I covered the dirt with foil and she has not gone back there (well, she tried once but the noise of her landing on the foil scared her away from it).
They are still a little skittish if they are playing and we move to quickly, but when they get tired, we can pet them easily and they love to be pet under the chin, on top of their heads and behind their ears. They like to cuddle up close to us on the sofa when they are sleeping, and jac especially loves to either be near the heat or he totally buries himself in the blankets.
I am so happy that we adopted them both - they love to play with each other and they do everything together. Jerry has been home all week - so I am glad that he is able to spend lots of time with them too.
I have wanted to send you a picture, but have not been able to do that yet - hopefully in the next few days - and I'll give you another update after we go to the vet.
Can you email me the picture you took of us in front of EMRO if you still have it?  I'll be in touch again soon....

Adopter Ms. Carol Zurlo with Jac and Jill during their visit at EMRO.
Jac and Jill & Carol Zurlo1 Jac and Jill & Carol Zurlo2 Jac and Jill & Carol Zurlo3 Jac and Jill & Carol Zurlo4

Cats 2 Sleep


Stay tuned for more in our next Mewsbulletin!



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