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These Maus Need Your Help

Many cats have to wait some time until they get adopted. Sadly, there are also other cats at EMRO that are not adoptable. You can help these animals live a happy & healthy life by making a sponsorship commitment for one or more cats at USD $15 or EUR 10 per month per cat. For more detailed information on sponsorship, please email us at

To sponsor one or more cats right now, simply click a link below to initiate a monthly recurring charge of USD $15 or EUR 10 on your credit card. Once your sponsorship subscription is set up, we will contact you by email to find out which cat(s) you wish to sponsor and provide you with a brief outline of the history of each cat you have chosen to help.

This page is for monthly recurring contribution by number of cats to be sponsored.

to your
credit card
Click to initiate your sponsorship:
US Dollars

USD $15
EUR €10
USD $30
EUR €20
USD $45
EUR €30

Your credit card will charged in the currency of your choice, i.e. of either United States Dollars or Euros, each month on the same day of the month that you initiate your sponsorship subscription. You may cancel your sponsorships at any time by simply contacting us.

Other Donation Options:

If you would prefer to make a one-time financial contribution to EMRO, please visit our donations page.

You can also help prepare a cat for travel to the EU or to the U.K. (includes bloodwork, lab work, courier of blood to German lab, microchip, vaccines, and neuter/spay charges. Cage and travel costs are additionally needed for a cat or kittenn's travel, depending upon location.

Or you may help by supplementing travel costs for either fostered or adopted cats in the USA or UK/EU countries (any amount remitted is greatly appreciated. You may choose a cat of your choice or leave it to us to choose the kitty.

$ 300.00

€ 250.00



EMRO Headquarters
Villa 11, Block 4, Ground Floor, Togarayeen City
El Mokattam, Cairo, EGYPT

Telephone Landline: (Outside of Cairo) +2 022 507 6946, (Inside of Cairo) 2 507 6946
Mobile: +2 0114 748 1481

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