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Adoption Information

Most adoptable cats have been prepared to travel to North America and to other countries that only require basic and rabies vaccines. The animal may be able to travel immediately or within 30 days, once an appropriate Pet Escort to the Adopter's region is found or if the adopter chooses instead to ship by cargo. Please contact for more information.

Any cats for Europe (rabies testing and microchipping), see cats with **, are noted on their bios. A three month quarantine is required for these cats (spent at EMRO), and many have already finished this and only await adoptions via pet escorts or shipping. Please contact for more information.

Any cats for Australiasia require a 6 month quarantine/residency in a country that is rabies free. Currently, cats would do a residency in either Germany (or some other European Union country that we can get pet escorts to) or through Bahrain, after which the cat would be shipped (flown) to the respective country, that is, directly to Australia and do a further one-month quarantine there. For details or more information, please contact us at
Good news for those in the UK! Previously there had been a 6 month quarantine/residency like above for Australasia but that was lifted as of Jan 1, 2012. Now the cats can be generally prepared like for Europe, although no pet escort is allowed for the UK, the cat must be shipped directly. For more information, please contact

Wish to see where EMRO's Maus were adopted from 2005 through February 2010? Click on the Mau Map to view (in a different window).


To begin the adoption process, an Adoption Questionnaire application must be filled out and sent to or to as an attachment. If you are unable to use this method, please email us.

Please download the Adoption Questionnaire (application) to your computer. You can either use this form in Word format (fill it out on your computer and use the "Tab" button to move from field to field), or by PDF format Adoption Quest PDF (fill out by hand and submit it via "snail mail" or as a scan). The Adoption Contract (Word format, size: 51 kb) must also be signed before the cat travels.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Monies being submitted for cat adoptions, or any donations for direct, specific purposes to EMRO (not for general donations towards operating expenses, generic sponsorships, etc.), must be made either in person at the EMRO shelter (local), or must be submitted via Western Union (international) to EMRO in order to be received in time for adoption processing.

Please be advised that Egypt, at this time, does not accept direct Paypal payments.  Egypt is currently a cash-based society and, so far, cash and Western Union have been the best and secure methods EMRO has known to get funds safely and quickly to the source. 

Adoption monies from out-of-country adoptions must be received directly by EMRO HQ before any cat is able to travel, meaning either cash (local) or Western Union (international).  Unfortunately, at this time EMRO is unable to accept credit cards, Paypal, or debit cards for adoptions, since timing for the processing of adoptions is very crucial.  Monies are not to be sent via mail or cheque, as it will not reach EMRO due to the corruption in the current postal system.

If you require further information, please contact

Upon approval, a miminal non-refundable deposit holds the cat while it is prepared for travel while a Pet Escort to your area is advertised. You need to notify us how far you are willing to travel to pick up your cat. As soon as a Pet Escort has been found, you will be put in touch with each other, travel arrangements are finalized, and the remaining adoption cost will be due. For more information about Pet Escorts, please see the Pet Escort section.

EMRO ensures the cat is ready to travel with an appropriate travel box, travel papers, has ensured the cat is healthy (vet checked), and meets the Pet escort at the airport with the travel-ready cat(s), as well as with the funds submitted by the Adopter in order for the cat to travel. EMRO follows up to ensure the cat has arrived safely and asks for feedback from both the Pet Escort and the Adopter. The process can happen as quickly as within a few weeks to as long as several months. The outbound flight of the cat is dependent upon the availablility of Pet Escorts travelling to the Adopter's area, as well as how far the Adopter is willing to travel in order to pick up their cat(s).

NOTE: EMRO is non-profit organization and works on a cost-recovery basis for Mau adoptions both locally and overseas. EMRO is not subsidized by the government nor any other funding agency.  Thus, interested Adopters must cover the costs of getting their cat(s) to their locations, while EMRO assists in finding the least expensive and quickest way for the cat(s) to travel in order to reach their designated destinations.


Traveling out of Cairo with your Pet?

There are certain rules and procedures that you must follow in order to take your pet with you when you travel out of Egypt. To view these guidelines, read our "Pet Travel Information" by clicking on this icon "The Shirazi Cat" article by Sabine Harding .

Shipping your Adopted cat via "Cargo"?

Due to the current instability in Egypt, and the potential of Islamic extremist attacks upon airports and airlines, shipping of EMRO cats via "Cargo" is no longer viable at this time. It has been discontinued.

For more information about the adoption procedure or about the different cats, please contact

Please, PLEASE spay and neuter your pets. We are their Guardians, we are their Protectors and WE have the power to control the pet overpopulation and their subsequent suffering and abuse. Please view the cute video below which contains a very powerful message.

(Updated January 13, 2017)




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