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Helping Cats Get to Their New Homes

Nathan, Basma, and Jennifer Ms_Fawziah_and_Maher Ms. Debbie & Mr. Yassir with Isis & Natcho
Mr. Nathan Hew, Basama (the Mau), Ms. Jennifer Hulke (Pet Escort) Ms. Fawziah and Maher (enroute to Boston) arriving in New York City. Ms. Debbie & Mr. Yassir with Isis and Natcho.

Thank You's to all of our Wonderful Pet Escorts!

To view the list of Pet Escorts in 2010-2012, click here.


Please be advised that EMRO cannot fly any cats out of Egypt in airline Cargo. It is now mandatory that Every EMRO cat be accompanied by a Pet Escort who will fly In-cabin with one cat. Please make note of this.

Pet escorts can use most airlines, especially KLM, Lufthansa, NW, Air France, Egypt Air etc. However, EMRO cannot take advantage of would-be escorts going via Air Canada or British Airways or any flights passing through London England, since these cats will not be allowed to travel as excess luggage. We rely on being able to send cats with people travelling as part of their "excess luggage" in order to keep the cost of adoptions low, and be able to get cats out of Egypt to overseas adopters and to their new forever homes.

NOTE: EMRO is no longer using Delta Airlines because of complaints received from Adopters who have reported their Maus arriving dirty, in smelly cages, and many times with no food or water. Also, during the last two years Delta Airlines has lost numerous pets, has refused to initiate searches and, instead, offers the grieving pet parent between $200 - $300 in "compensation."

If you or someone you know is travelling from Cairo soon, please have them contact EMRO. There are no extra expenses to the Escort for this service (from the cat travelling), and they can be proud they made a big difference to a homeless Egyptian cat, helping give it the opportunity to go to a new home overseas!

We will list the name of the Escort on our website in appreciation for their help, and also list any website business they might have as free advertising for them, in thanks.

We have cats awaiting a volunteer Pet Escort to accompany them to their new homes. To be sent unaccompanied is very expensive and a barrier to their adoption. Please consider helping a cat get to its new home today! Thank you.

EMRO does all the paperwork, prepares the cat and cage, gets the Escort in touch with the Adopter, helps make the cat's travel arrangements, and secures the funds for the cat's travel from the Adopter before travel. We deliver the cat(s) to the airport, and even pick up the Pet Escort if required, and get them all to their flight on time! We track the progress of the cat in fllight for pick up, and follow up afterwards. All the Pet Escort has to do is give us some notice of their flight (a week or more is very much preferred - as soon as you know your flight, please contact us! However, we have done it within three days notice, if we absolutely have to, although the cats might not get on the flight without more notice), check the cat in under their name, and pick the cat up from Customs on the other end of the flight, in order to pass the kitty over to the anxiously waiting Adopter. The cat will then travel in-cabin with the Pet Escort, from the beginning of the flight, to the end of the flight.

Due to a number of adopted cats awaiting their ride to their new homes overseas, EMRO will offer a honorarium of $50 to any Pet Escort travelling to the U.S. who escorts 1-2 cats. This is the same for Europe where the honorarium is 30 EURO. The honorarium will be paid for by the Adopter. This is an additional "thanks" for those volunteering to make the effort to help a cat or two arrive to its new home. If a person decides to make Pet Escorting a full volunteer gesture, you may return the honorarium to the Adopter or return it to EMRO as a donation for other cats.

If you have any questions, please contact


Traveling out of Egypt with your Pet?

There are certain rules and procedures that you must follow in order to take your pet with you when you travel out of Egypt. To view these guidelines, read our "Pet Travel Information" by clicking on this icon "The Shirazi Cat" article by Sabine Harding .

Shipping your Adopted cat via "Cargo"?

No pet or other animal is no longer allowed to travel via airline Cargo from Egypt.



(Updated December 1, 2016)


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