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Adoptable EMRO Cats - Updated July 31, 2019

All remaining EMRO cats have been moved off site into boarding in Cairo while awaiting adoption overseas.

We're Home! No more cold, hunger, and no more being alone!
Cats in their Forever Home

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Adopted, but Awaiting Pet Escorts/Travel from EMRO HQ

These cats are adopted and awaiting travel with the first available pet escort to their area. Please see our PET ESCORTS page for more information.


All EMRO cats and kittens, both in the shelter and those left behind by owners in the EMRO Boarding area, have all been successfully adopted to loving homes and families. A long story, but a successful one.



FEGLA and FIONA - Arrived in Foster Home in Germany on July 30, 2019 and are resting and adjusting to being "catizens" of Germany, awaiting their adoptions. At first, both were reported to be semi-feral and skittish, but they have warmed up to people astonishingly well. They are both described as very affectionate, and enjoy cuddles given to them.

These two sweet cats represent the last of the EMRO kitties to be flown out of Egypt to await their Forever Home and Family. Warm "Thank You's" go out to Ms. Vivian and Ms. Gloria for making these final adoptions possible, and for a purr-fect closing to the EMRO story. :)

Fegla and Fiona 073119

DOT - Arrived in Foster Home in Germany on January 2, 2019 and is settling in with his friend, Ponda. Both adjusting to being "catizens" of Germany and awaiting adoptions. UPDATE 03/10/2019: Dot has now moved in into his Forever Home, and is enjoying his new life with his new buddy, Softie. Here are pictures of Dot and Softie hanging out together. Another happy ending for another EMRO kitty.

Dot & Softie 1 031019 Dot & Softie 2Softie & Dot 1

PONDA - Flown to Foster Home in Germany. Settling in and will be adopted to a new loving Family.

BINGO - Flown to Forever Home in Frankfurt, Germany, Adopted and living with her Family. UPDATE 12/6/2018: Bingo's Guardian had recently suffered a stroke, with some limitations on her left side. She said Bingo became her therapy kitty "from day one", settled right in, and Bingo always ensures she uses her left arm and hand in which to cuddle and pet her. Bingo's Guardian calls her "one of the biggest gifts she ever received in her life".

KAMBES (Now "Cooper) - Flown to Forever Home in Germany, Adopted, and enjoying both his Human family and his Furry Family brothers.

JETT - Flown to Foster Home in Germany and awaiting adoption.

SAMIRA - Flown to Foster Home in Germany and awaiting adoption.

MUM (Now "Mira") - Flown to Forever Home in Germany on August 21, 2017, Adopted, and enjoying her life with her Loving Family.





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