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In Admiration and Thanks to All of Those Whose Think About Others First, and Themselves Last


- "Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals"

Below is a short statement by Ms. Mona Khalil, of ESMA, in response to her critics who continue to berate her and her shelter for having too many animals. In her defense, I am providing a small example of the miracles which occur at the ESMA Shelter and the people who both work and volunteer there.

"Now, for heavens sake, for all those people who can do nothing but blame ESMA for taking in more animals while we are full, tell me how can we not take such a cat or how can we just consider it a lost case, and put it down because we are over our capacity. If we are a shelter in Egypt where animals are abused, harmed, and mistreated everyday, how can you react to that.

Anyway, thanks for any criticism but ESMA will keep doing what it has to do since no one else is out there for those animals. This cat is from Alex and no one there wants to deal with it or probably knows how to deal with it. Well, we are taking him in regardless of anyone who wants to criticize or do anything, because I know what we have to do and will do it. This cat is coming IN." (MONA)

The Beginning - This poor kitty from Alexandria, unable to see (burst and dried eyeballs), and because of a cold, he is unable to smell, unable to drink, eat, or groom himself. He was found very close to death. The doctors at ESMA work feverishly to clean the eye sockets, apply salves, inject antibiotics, and sew close the eye lids.
LovedOne1 LovedOne2 LovedOne3 LovedOne4
The Closing - The Veterinarian closes the sutures. Kitty, still sedated, is given a loving kiss by Ms. Mona Khalil of ESMA. Kitty, now known as "Loved One", sleeps in the first clean bed he has ever known. He wakes. Still unable to see, but now cleaned, slowly healing, and soon to be presented with his first real meal, he unsteadily rises. From now on, Loved One will sleep in a clean, safe place and will know he is protected and loved. This is ESMA.
LovedOne5 LovedOne6 LovedOne7 LovedOne8

The above is only one small example of the work that ESMA provides for all animals. They accept emergency in-takes at any time of the day or night, they care and provide medical care for dogs, cats, ferrets, donkeys, mules, camels, and horses. They also try to prevent unscrupulous animal wranglers from imprisoning and abusing wildlife (such as Fennecs) for torture or profit.

During the Egyptian unrest, they took in many pets which people left behind. ESMA knew these poor souls had no skills in surviving the cold and cruel Egyptian streets and, instead, provided a safe and loving haven.

When their van was attacked by looters, volunteers refused to back down or run away, and instead spoke with the looters, letting them know they were carrying supplies, not for people, but for animals. They managed to save and retain their vehicle, and were allowed to keep the majority of the animal food and supplies.

This is ESMA, the "Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals", working in a "third-world country", striving to do the right thing albeit with limited means, supplies, and funding. All the while, as they struggle to rescue and help the Egyptian animals, they are "looked down" upon by their own affluent countrymen, as well as by some countries and people around the world. But, ESMA struggles on and survives to truly bring about Miracles!






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